Ultimate Guide to Choosing the Best Soldering Iron in 2016-2017

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When searching for the  soldering iron, it will be hard to choose between the Zeny 2-in-1 SMD Hot Air Rework and the X-Tronic Model 3020-XTS. To a beginner or an amateur, both will seem equally appealing. Unfortunately, that choice will most probably be misinformed. Any choice of a soldering kit that is not purpose-driven and feature-specific will likely disappoint the solder eventually.

In this guide, we did our best to provide accurate and detailed overview of the highest ranked soldering irons  in the market today. The guideline will highlight the key features you should use when selecting a  soldering iron that is good and perfectly serves your needs and goals too. The selection must incorporate among other things, features, usability, durability, accessories, and potential. We write from perspective of a user, the solder, whose interests are tested and verified, before ascribing the rating, performance ratio, strength-weakness balance, and functionality of the  iron stations.

Best Soldering Iron – Comparison Chart

Weller WLC1005 W - 40 W120 V
Zeny 2-in-1 SMD 862D700 W110 V
X-Tronic Model #3020-XTS 75 W110 V
Hakko FX888D-23BY 70 W120 V
Weller WES51 Analog50 W120 V
Zeny 3-in-1 SMD DC Power Supply 853D270 W110 V
Weller WESD51 50 W120 V
X-Tronic – Model 5040-XTS HOT AIR REWORK 1000 W110 V
Aoyue 9378 Programmable Digital 60 W110 V
Kendal 853D 4 IN 1 SMD70 W110 V
TS100 Digital Mini Outdoor Portable 65 W12-24 V
Delcast SL-WST 70 W 220 V
Sywon ESD Iron Kit60 W110 V
Sealody Digital Soldering Station60 W110 V
Vastar Full Set Soldering Iron Kit60 W110 V

Weller WLC100

Weller WLC100 is a without doubt, the most popular among beginners and professionals alike. Priding in, Weller WLC100 provides an iconic iron-plated copper tip whose level of precision and accuracy, is unmatched in the market. It is the highest ranked product selling under $100 today. While not very complicated in features, it excels in optimizing the basic function of a soldering station. Relatively conservative in feel and shape, Weller WLC100 provides a set of basic features that compliment its usage with symmetrical fluidity.

Weller WLC100

Weller WLC100 is a without doubt, the most popular among beginners and professionals alike. Priding in, Weller WLC100 provides an iconic iron-plated copper tip whose level of precision and accuracy, is unmatched in the market. It is the highest ranked product selling under $100 today. While not very complicated in features, it excels in optimizing the basic function of a soldering station. Relatively conservative in feel and shape, Weller WLC100 provides a set of basic features that compliment its usage with symmetrical fluidity.

Reading across the customer reviews, it is evident that the high rating of Weller WLC100 is triggered by being affordable, uncomplicated in features, and extremely reliable for use by inexperienced solders. The user-friendly power controls provides another plus when selecting a soldering power station. The most reputed of its features is that a solder can turn up the heat easily and safely, from a low of 5 to a high of 40 watts, with ease. It is even easier to turn down the heat to any point in the range. In truth, the settings are uncomplicated and securely configured for a user whose mind is otherwise engaged in the electrical soldering process.

Weller WLC100

Easy to use with optimal safety, the WLC100 has also been consolidated to avoid any possible damage or burnout while soldering. This not only enforces its durability, but also its popularity among inexperienced solders. The precision of the copper tip is then emphasized enforced by an ST3 foam grip. This offers a comfortable and firm grip for the solder. You can therefore hold the pencil iron for many hours progressively, without losing convenience or accuracy. Finally, the ST3 iron tip is also replaceable when worn out, adding to the durability of the systems.

The WLC100 is also extremely expandable during use, to match the application needs of the solder and the context of use. It also comes with additional components uncommon with other products being sold on the market . Such components include a wet sponge base essential when cooling the unit directly and relatively faster, as well as an iron holder on which to keep the hot soldering iron securely, when not in use. The iron’s build material includes high quality nickel, chromium, and copper, which only enhances the performance.

It is however important to note that WLC100 is best suited for basic work. It still lacks the complexity of features and specialization preferred by professional solders. The relatively cheap price tag and the reliability of its delivery for the basic soldering function nonetheless justify why WLC100 ranks as a leading iron in the market today, among conventional consumers.

Zeny 2-in-1 SMD 862D

Among the best to trust today, more so the experienced and frequent users, is the Zeny 2-in-1 soldering iron. Rarely will such an electronics masterpiece be as affordable and still be as refined for specialist usage. In almost all areas, the Zeny 2-in-1 SMD is a competitive  system with commendable performance. Better still, the singular unit comes with a hot air gun as well as a soldering iron (2 in 1).

Zeny 2-in-1 SMD 862D

Imagine yourself having to rework an old circuit board. When reworking the circuit board, how the direct heat is applied will significantly the effect and outcome. Rather than apply direct heat on the sensitive parts that do not need re-soldering, you will use hot air for a gentle and more controlled impact. Hot air guns then become indispensible. At other times however, some areas will need a metal tip to apply direct heat for optimal effect. Switching to the soldering iron will then be important. Optimized temperature controls to fit the needs of any  project, makes Zeny 2-in-1 SMD a darling to expert solders.

Focusing on the unit however, the main area of interest to the present article, Zeny 2-in-1 SMD has numerous competitive features that justify its high rating by customers. The accurate and user-friendly temperature controls top the lists of what makes the iron station among the best irons available today. It has the potential to reach a temperature of 4800 C as easily as it is to retain it within a 200 C heating range.

Further, besides being relatively affordable, Zeny 2-in-1 SMD offers a set of distinct iron tips that a solder can select from, amplifying the iron’s flexibility and application. The kit offers a diverse range of applications. For instance, it is recommended for an assortment of services including hard metal or plastic welding. The self-cooling features also add to the value of the unit from a solder’s perceptive. Indeed, zeny uses automatic detection to switch off the iron or the hot air gun when not in use. The same automatic detection switches the unit on immediately the iron is picked for use.

Nonetheless, experts have negatively rated the hot air guns for performance, although similar criticisms have not been levied on the soldering iron. Even more concerning is that, during use, the digital temperature readouts in Zeny 2-in-1 SMD have a high error margin. The readouts are frequently incorrect. This means that despite the reputable functionality, Zeny 2in1 is best suited for experienced solders.

X-Tronic Model #3020-XTS  

Another Highly rated iron is X-Tronic 3020 has gained an increasing level of popularity among contemporary solders, and it is widely reputed for, among many other things, an iconic temperature control mechanism. The iron is indeed iconic in the number of unique features it offers included and its feasible applications for a beginner or an experienced professional. It provides a basic functionality, and then adds a series of additional features to complete that basic functionality.

X-Tronic Model #3020-XTS

The most competitive feature in X-Tronic 3020, is a trademark Magic Temperature technology. The technology allows for high-speed heating. Further, users have acknowledged the accurate and precise temperature maintenance ability of the Magic Temperature technology prides, during electrical soldering. The temperature controls are easy to follow and regulate. This control is then accompanied by a precise bluish LCD screen for display, essential when adjusting the controls or monitoring the temperature. Temperature also switches to standby (auto-sleep mode) if the iron remains immobile for more than 10 minutes. The resultant energy conservation and extended durability is commendable.

With wattage of 75, X-Tronic has the potential to accommodate a commendable heat range incomparable to similarly priced soldering irons. Switching from a low of 200° C to a high of 480° C in temperature range is conveniently smooth and reliably accurate during use. Experts commend the iron for accurate and reliable temperature controls, and the ability to maintain the temperature stable for long during use.

Further, the Magic Temperature Technology also helps to adjust, maintain, and compensate for the temperature range of the iron depending on the context and environment the iron is used. X-Tronic 3020 is thus phenomenal in maintaining the temperature stable, at any level of the 0 – 480° C range. Armed with a 5-foot silicon cord to connect the power station’s main grid to external power source, the iron offers exemplary usability in a busy working desk. This convenience is vital for a regular solder. X-Tronic Model 3020-XTS also comes with an ergonomic grip enabling both firm and comfortable handling.

Not only is X-Tronic 3020 built with long-lasting materials for optimal durability, but its heating potential also can easily melt any solid on which it solders or welds. Besides the reliable and accurate functionality, the heater also adds an above-average lifespan of the iron for those who use a soldering iron for long and frequently. X-Tronic Model 3020-XTS also comes with brass sponge for effective tip cleaning. The combination of these features makes the iron an affordable and among the best of kits.

Hakko FX888D-23BY  

Available in either blue or yellow models, the Hakko FX888D-23BY digital is perhaps the most artistic and the most reliable thermal recovery mechanism, besides being exemplary in the speed and intensity of heat generation. From the perspective of a solder, the accurate and reliable temperature readings are underscored by a highly rated and an acclaimed heat management system. Indeed, for heat management, Hakko FX888D-23BY is exceptional.

Hakko FX888D-23BY

In normal operations, Hakko FX888D-23BY is among the best and most dominant power systems in the market today by right. Generating over 30% more heat output than any other soldering iron in this list, Hakko FX888D-23BY is indeed dominant. Most experts and experienced solders would easily rank the iron as number one. The low rank however to be the fourth in this list is largely because of being relatively pricey, and thus not the popular choice of most customers. Nonetheless, Hakko FX888D-23BY is a golden catch for a beginner solder, thus justifying its price tag.

Except for a high price therefore, the high-end Hakko FX888D-23BY outcompetes the other irons on temperature change and retention. The speed at which the power station generates superior heat output, and the length in which retains that temperature during use, is exceptional. The power station has a 2-button interface for control system control, which though slightly confusing at the start, becomes easy and reliable to use soon enough. The iron also boasts with a longer lifespan, and excellent operational performance among beginners, hobbyists, and experienced solders.

In being artistic, Hakko FX888D-23BY provides an imaginable level of precision and quality, while still being extremely user-friendly. It allows you to feel like an artist, while adding flair and in-depth concentration to the soldering process. This is further consolidated by an abrasion-added handle to help you grip the handle firmly. In the end analysis, it is both comfortable and safe to use Hakko FX888D-23BY when soldering, not only because of the handle, but also because of the holder framework.

When you are done soldering, the unit also comes with a brass sponge cleanser regular cleaning of the tip. Were it not for being relatively pricy, the rather confusing user interface, and the frequent burn out of the replaceable heating element, Hakko FX888D-23BY, should be rated at the very top of this list.

Weller WES51 Analog  

Weller WES51 is another great brand icon, following closely on the path of Weller WLC100. Providing an analog temperature control unit and still attaining the performance and reliability of its digital competitors, is perhaps the greatest marketing pitch WES51 Analog asserts. The soldering kit provides all the vital components of basic electrical soldering such as the iron, a stand, and a cleansing sponge, and then goes a step further on usability.

Weller WES51 Analog

Indeed, Weller WES51 Analog is the best available choice for beginner and infrequent solders when it comes to functionality. Further, a stainless steel heating element enables Weller WES51 achieve two things, namely (a) attain heat exceptionally fast, and (b) retain that heat for a long time with minimal power utility. In agreement, this was its primary goal from the word go, as a unique additional to the Weller brand name. The iron was primarily designed and developed for continual and progressive soldering, such that it can last for many consecutive hours without the need for a break.

Even more appealing however, is the rubber cord connecting the power system to an external source. The cord is unique in durability, safety, and agility. Made from non-burning silicone and despite being solid and firm, the cord is both flexible and easy to stretch. The iron then provides a solid plastic grip alongside a foam-enhanced sleeve to hold on. The handle itself is ideally suitable for heat protection, but largely enables a solder hold the iron firmly during use.

Further, despite being analog, the iron gains heat quickly. It is therefore very convenient for frequent and unplanned use. Once your desired heat level is attained, Weller WES51 engages a temperature lockout mode, which prevents the temperature rising beyond your preferred limit. You can control the temperature reliably and easily with a power switch after plugging in the iron. Temperature control is extremely straightforward through an easy-to-use temperature dial. You can reach up to 480° C in temperature within seconds, which is among the highest available heat levels of modern soldering irons, digital or analog.

Further, as if anticipating usage with inexperienced solders, Weller WES51 also provides a protective layer. The layer guarantees safety during accidents, and helps prevent damages if the iron is carelessly placed on the working table while hot. The quick response rate, easily usable temperature controls, user-friendly features, and focus on solder’s safety, accuracy, and convenience, makes Weller WES51 a darling of many solders today, particularly those in the jewelry industry. When worn out, the tip is replaceable and widely available in the market.

Zeny 3-in-1 SMD DC Power Supply 853D

Specifically designed and recommended for professionals already skilled in electronics, the affordably priced Zeny 3-in-1 853D is among the best soldering iron station you can purchase today. Having three independent systems in such a small package, and still attaining such technical enhancement has, in its short history, commanded a legendary status. The level of comprehensiveness and the integration of features in the station is commendable. While it is common among experiences solders however, Zeny 3-in-1 853D also offers a competitive unit for beginners and hobbyist solders.


Zeny 3-in-1 853D first provides a DC power supply. The power station is designed to power any other device needed when soldering electronics. The station is thus often in use even when the user is not soldering. The hot air gun is then incorporated for hot air rework tasks. Finally and most importantly for this review, Zeny 3-in-1 853D  comes with the soldering iron. While the station is anchored on a singular core or main unit, each of the three components is an independent component of the combined/merged unit.

Further, each component of the station works with commendable performance. The soldering iron works with excellent accuracy, reliability, and effectiveness, reaching temperature high of 4800 Celsius within seconds. A refined set of nozzles enables a fluid output from the solid heat generation that facilitates accurate, customizable, and context-fitting usability.

That is not all. Using a brand-unique and high-end chip control circuit from Samsung, Zeny 3-in-1 853D is largely characterized as the station for the Information Age. The temperature controls are automatic and precisely accurate to the degree. This is further amplified by automatic temperature gauges to prevent overheating and or any temperature-related damage to the station or the circuit board you may be working on. All these controls are easily visible from a dual LED display, which provide accurate readings encourse the soldering process.

Zeny 3-in-1 853D is highly rated for being based on solid software and having its functions run by merged microprocessors. The symmetry enables to attain constant heat generation, precise heat distribution, accurate heat management, and laudable heat retention during use. Its level of stability, speed of reaction, and delicate sensibility to power control collectively yields iconic levels of operational efficiency incomparable to any other soldering station. What is however still questionable is the short lifespan of the heat elements, accidental melting of the base, and an extremely short power cord for connection to external power sources.

Weller WESD51  

Weller brand had the highest number of irons in the list, and for a good reason. Experts concurs that the brand name has predominated the soldering station market for most consumers. Having considered the distinct profiles of Weller WLC100 40-Watt and the Weller WES51 Analog soldering station as listed above, we had no option that to add Weller WESD51 Digital Soldering Station as number seven in this list. Each was extremely competitive for one feature, application, and usability, which outdid many other available brands. Indeed, Weller WESD51 Digital is the digital version of the Weller WES51 Analog, with minimal though essential critical additions.

Weller WESD51

Today, Weller WES51 Digital is among the top ten soldering systems based on customer reviews. Like its analog predecessor, Weller WES51 Digital provides a return to the very basis of a soldering station. Key to these basics is a soldering iron, a power unit, an iron stand, a sponge, and a probe. All the components are anchored on a relatively rigid framework. That however, does not delimit the operational effectiveness, performance, and iconic signature of the branded station.

That said, it also noteworthy that Weller WESD51 Digital is not visually as appealing as many of the alternative brands in the market. It is not any close to the surface glamour of Hakko FX888D-23BY. However, the core of its value is in performance. Performance is what makes it the perfect choice for a soldering station among experienced and frequent users. While the features do not include the rarely used add-ons common in others, Weller WESD51 Digital outperforms them. In any way, rarely will you use most of the features that make such stations as the Zeny 3-in-1 853D, despite their visual and artistic appeal.

What Weller WES51 Digital provides is toned with a level of effectiveness, reliability, accuracy, and performance second to none in its category. The electronic power control system offers a wide range of heat levels that are not only easy to adjust, but also precisely accurate in thermal management. This is then complimented by an LCD display with an unquestionable accuracy in temperature ratings. The margin of error in both temperature control and display is realistically non-existing. The temperature remains stable under highly accurate controls, regardless of whether you are working with metal or plastics.

When you set the desired temperature, the iron retains the same temperature progressively, regardless of how long you solder. The unit easily prevents overheating using a temperature lockout mechanism, backed by a highly reliable heat sustenance system. Even more appealing to you, may be the quick heat-up cycles, automated temperature control parameters, extended heater, lengthy lifespan, and the addictive temperature control interface.

Further, Weller WES51 Digital comes with a great solid handle for a firm grip, durable heating elements, and a high-end microprocessor. The microprocessor aptly micro-manages all soldering operations such as the automated temperature control settings. When erected on a stand, the soldering iron goes on standby when immobile for more than 99 minutes.

Nevertheless, above the impressive features and functionality of Weller WES51 Digital, it is also important to mention its disappointing stiffness. The iron has a discouraging static framework housing the entire systems. Again, on visual appeal, the station can easily discourage your selection. It looks so traditional and brutally mechanistic. Luckily, the relatively cheap price compared to its alternative brands, and the incomparable performance promised, may to an extent offer a rebuttal for its looks.

X-Tronic – Model 5040-XTS HOT AIR REWORK  

Another of the X-Tronic brand name, and one that we could not omit in a list of highly ranked soldering iron stations, is the X-Tronic 5040-XTS masterpiece. Ranking by right in number eight, X-Tronic 5040-XTS is a popular all-in-one station for many consumers. The core of its competitiveness is a comprehensive set of features assembled into one soldering unit with impeccable finesse.

X-Tronic – Model 5040-XTS HOT AIR REWORK

All-in-one stations are often critiqued for trying to provide so many features and functionalities at a go. Experts often opine that in the effort to consolidate too many things into a singular unit, they sacrificed on potential performance. X-Tronic 5040-XTS is for example negated by many reviewers for the heating elements burning out too often.

Regardless, X-Tronic 5040-XTS is an indispensible and sufficient soldering unit for an infrequent user. Consolidating a hot air gun, a 70-watt soldering iron, a lamp, a work stand, and a tips set in one soldering kit, and then having all units perform as effectively as the stations has proved, is a rare achievement. Whether soldering or reworking an item, X-Tronic 5040-XTS will be an adequate yet largely affordable  to serve your needs. The question of having too many unnecessary features may have some ground, but be as it may, X-Tronic 5040-XTS is the best feature-rich iron ever developed.

Imagine having a customizable stand on which to conduct electrical soldering, aligned to the iron or hot air gun you are using. Then imagine placing the dysfunctional circuit board on the stand, both steadily and firmly to facilitate an efficient process. As you work, you may easily make a mistake when soldering. All you will have to do is easily change from iron to a hot air gun, without taking your eyes of the circuit board. If the environment is clattered or dark, a precision-based lighting will be available to guarantee that your work is as accurate and reliably efficient, as humanly possible. When you are finished, you will realize that all what you did was facilitated by a single station.

Further, the iron and the hot air gun have fitting holders that are optimized for safety and easy usage. The temperature readings will also be accurate any time you glance over from your work desk. As you are busy soldering, the station will maintain a 20-second cycling routine that enforces accurate temperature controls to minimize the heat loss and keep all the outlets ready and sustainably hot. Courtesy of the automatic temperature controls, the station will always be ready to rework or solder with optimal effectiveness and with minimal heat loss.

Aoyue 9378 Programmable Digital  

Aoyue 9378 inherits the high-end trait of Hakko FX888D-23BY to a respectable degree, but at a lower price tag. This is evident not only from its looks, but also in the components of the unit. More importantly, any listing of the best iron kit must necessarily include in its top ten stations, for a simple reason, namely exemplary design and excellent performance. Based on that, we can certainly recommend the 60-watt soldering iron as excellent in functionality and reliably profound in user-interface specifications.

Aoyue 9378 Programmable Digital

As a programmable soldering product, Aoyue 9378 is highly rated for having an accurate temperature reader. The reader works simultaneously with a temperature controller to either reduce or increase the heat output. This helps the station sustain the preferences of the solder. All a solder has to do is program or set the temperature controls to a required level. The station will then reliably stabilize its temperature at that level with remarkable accuracy. Though relatively hard to master the user interface at first, you will soon appreciate the accuracy attained by Aoyue 9378 within a few days.

In the conventional package, the soldering station provides a configurable iron holder, a spare heating element, and a set of ten soldering tips. Ten soldering tips also accompany the package guaranteeing additional functionality of the traditional station. Aoyue 9378 is automatically switchable during use. Further, the soldering iron is a trademark icon, built on a ceramic heating element whose functionality has proved extremely reliable. Aoyue 9378 packs an extra heating element in the package as if to enforce the authenticity of the ceramic make.

Further, it is not enough to say that Aoyue 9378 has an impeccable design. Today, it is rated as a high-end soldering station primarily because of its design. How it feels when in your hand, and how it looks as a station, is a convincing reason to fall in love with it. Most of the customers give the iron such high ratings because of this one factor. How Aoyue 9378 ranks it among the best station designs available today.

Above the looks however, Aoyue 9378 is a commendable alternative for the modern solder. Careful review of its functional features ascertains its competitive value. The main station unit provides a vibration-based Auto-Wake and Auto-Sleep function that automatically adjusts the temperature regulation mechanism without having to switch it off. The temperature automatically adjusts based on how and when the iron is used. This only adds a high degree of energy efficiency, and safety for the solder.

The slightest vibrations on the handle will immediately respond with Auto-Wake function. Indeed, the temperature controls are as delicately reliable and accurately perfect. It can also be activated or deactivated based on a solder’s schedule as programmed in the station beforehand. The impact of this precision in control is a long-lasting heating element, not forgetting that there is an additional element packed, if it will ever be needed. Unfortunately, for being relatively new in the market, it is hard to find and purchase spare parts for Aoyue 9378.

Kendal 853D 4 IN 1 SMD  

To seal the top ten stations in this list is the all-in-one set Kendal 853D. While the complimenting functionalities have something to do with being a highly rated soldering iron, Kendal 853D still stands tall as a computerized station with impeccable performance. Majority of customer reviews alongside expert ratings rank the iron is among the best stations available today, and for a good reason.

On the surface, Kendal 853D comes out as primarily a soldering iron and a reworking hot air gun unit. This marks it s as a good choice for reworking and soldering projects. In addition, however, the station also provides a safety-tired 5V DC power supply, from which to source power for other electronic devices. That is not all. As if to outdo the Zeny 3-in-1 853D station, Kendal 853D also comes with a fourth component that is extremely useful to a solder. The forth the component is a meter tester for independent usage, similar to the 5V DC power supply.

The soldering iron on the other hand comes with ten tips repacked for easier replacement, in addition to the cleansing sponge. This added functionality of the iron is further enhanced by a firm handle with a solid grip. The handle itself is armed with a vibration sensor, such that it fluidly and automatically switches to either the sleeping or operating mode depending on the user. The standby mode is always activated almost immediately you let go of the handle, thus making Kendal 853D the most reliable energy conserver among the soldering systems reviewed in this list. Indirectly, the automatic temperature control and operational swiftness adds to the heating element’s lifespan. Similar operational fluency and effectiveness of the soldering iron is notable with the hot air gun, also accompanied by extra nozzles.

Most notably, the entire unit is run and operated by a smart processor, thus computerizing its operations with optimal efficiency. The computerization has been linked to the accurate temperature control and the quick heating ability of the station, both ranked by numerous experts among the best available today. Some customers however, have noted on the impossibility of maintaining stable temperatures when using the power station, particularly the hot-air powered gun. Using the station however has established how reliable the system manages/controls and sustains the temperature, at an optimal balance.

TS100 Digital Mini Outdoor Portable  

While TS100 was a commendable soldering iron, the newly released upgrade of the station is without doubt, among the very best of soldering station in the market today. While adopting the framework and design of the original, the upgraded TS100 is a fine specimen of performance, accuracy, and flexibility. The digital soldering iron station is a pocket-sized mini model of an outdoor portable soldering iron station. The station is exclusively controlled by a computerized chip (smart device), and thus operates with a programmable interface.

Indeed, TS100 has announced the arrival of the new age of soldering systems. Not only is it programmable for automatic operations, but it is also reprogrammable. All a solder has to do is connect the station to a desktop or laptop computer though a customized Micro USB port. Upon connection, the solder can then reset the temperature changing curves as well as the custom functions to personal desires. This added to being extremely portable for either home or outdoor use, makes TS100 a highly rated soldering iron station among contemporary customers.

Besides the computerized chip however, the new TS 100 also advances the design and potential of modern kits to a new era of digital conformity. For instance, the station uses an embedded interface (DC5525) networked with highly accurate acceleration sensors (STM32) and a chip-controlled capability for fast heat generation and control (B2). The fast heating capability translates to reaching to the excess of 400° C in seconds. As the temperature rises and is controlled, the solder can see the changes in real time as displayed on a multi-color LED screen. Any temperature adjustment is accurately presented in the monitor, as in the soldering iron.

Besides being smart and computerized in control, TS100 has also embraced an impressive level of user safety, incomparable to the original TS100. Using a delicate network of dual-temperature sensors, the station can reduce or accelerate temperature with deafening speed. The STM32 chip operates the regulatory sensors with strategic accuracy, activating an over-heating warning automatically, or resulting to the sleep mode when not in use. Based on current rate of popularity, it is predictable that TS100 will rise in rating by both experts and consumers to dominate the top-10 list in the near future.

Delcast SL-WST  

Delcast SL-WST Soldering Station Caddy may fall short on performance and feature profile when compared to the other soldering irons ranked among leading stations in the market. However, its level of safety, stability, operational consistence, and level of accuracy explains why it is a highly rated in customer reviews. No other soldering station in this list has half the number of safety measures, protective guards, warning signals, and preventative recourses in a Delcast SL-WST station. `

This is a soldering station not concerned with having a fancy look and attractive visual appeal. Delcast SL-WST is heavier than most soldering irons and thus more stable during use. When other irons in this review are relatively lightweight in design, Delcast SL-WST is a heavy weight with unquestionable firmness and stability. It is anchored on a firm iron stand, which while compromising on flexibility and feasible period of use, makes electrical soldering a stable process of attaining optimal accuracy. The resultant sense of safety is also priceless, especially for beginners and hobbyist solders.

During soldering, Delcast SL-W reaches an average temperature of 400° C, and sustains the temperature for a relatively long while before reheating the iron. Also accompanying the Delcast SL-WST framework is an allotment for the soldering iron, a cleaning sponge for the soldering bit, and an adequate spool of solder. This gives the solder convenient reach of all necessities at an arm’s length. Indeed, Delcast SL-W is a sturdy and heavy-duty type of soldering station whose primary focus is purpose driven. With Delcast SL-W, it is not about comfort, convenience, or flexibility, but the question of reliable, accurate, and safe soldering.

Sywon ESD Iron Kit

Sywon ESD soldering iron is another notable entry among the leading soldering stations in the market today. Although primarily targeted at domestic users who need home-based soldering solutions, the iron has impeccable performance that has seen it become common in professional electronics repair shop today. Its design and functionally ideally suits infrequent home repairs, electronic welding, DIY soldering projects, replacing capacitors or accessories, circuit board repairs, jewellery repair, attaching micro drones, securing loose wires in electronics, and soldering sensitive electrostatic components together.

The 104-inch power cord is itself a silicone make that is flexible, long, reliable, and insured with anti-abrasive cover suitable for all temperature variations. Priding in an easy-to-use on-and-off switch, the iron has a commendable temperature adjusting mechanism that is highly convenient for beginner solders. One of the reasons why Sywon ESD has been ranked among the best for a modern solder is the ability to control and adjust heat output. The adjustment module facilitates customizable settings to fit the needs of the solder at any time and in context.

In operation, Sywon ranges between the low temperature of 200° C and high temperature of 480° C, though normal usage ranges between 300° C and 400° C. The iron used a trademark Heat Dissipation Material Design for optimal temperature control, while simultaneously preventing overheating. The design integrates steel-pipe structuring of the framework, and heat-insulation of all make materials to prevent melting and burning during soldering. Further, the solder tip is ventilated with holes to facilitate heat dissipation.

To match the assorted soldering needs of a solder, Sywon has six different soldering iron tips whose heating range and speed varies based on the specific application for which they are deployed. The 60-watt soldering iron, however, builds up heat relatively fast and the soldering system can sustain the heat for an extended period. Further, the soldering iron is safe for use even among beginners and occasional solders, and the silicon handle is extremely comfortable to grip for extended periods.

The pencil-style soldering iron has a standard holder, and comes with a cleaning sponge for the soldering bit. Offering a 12-month warranty upon purchase, Sywon is a relatively affordable soldering iron with competitive performance rating. The package comes with a 104-inch power cord, a large soldering stand holder, and 5 extra soldering tips.

Sealody Digital Soldering Station

Sealody digital is the most suited soldering iron station in this list, for a hobbyist and occasional user. It is designed and packed largely for domestic use, where the intensity, frequency, and length of soldering are mild. Coming with a soldering iron, an independent power station, a long-lasting brass solder tip, and an aluminum-soldering stand, For cleaning the soldering tip after use, the station provides a sponge and brass wire. Ideally, Sealody digital is primarily customised for domestic electronic repairs and DIY soldering projects.

Sealody Digital Soldering Station

The thermal range is easily controlled and managed by an up-and-down button, which a solder can easily set at the desired temperature value between 1800 C and 4500 C. this setting is then enhanced with a digital displays of the temperature, and one with stellar accuracy and precision. In operation, Sealody is tasteless, smokeless, and non-toxic to the environment, predictably a home setting, and further saves energy from undue wastage (commendable heat retention).

Despite targeting the domestic usage, however, Sealody is a heavy-duty soldering iron that inculcates an unprecedented level of safety design and temperature control. The soldering stand made from pure aluminum weighing around 18.3 oz is a case example of the safety standards attained by Sealody. The stand itself is a 6.4 by 3 by 3.9 inch framework that is both sturdy and firm, a good quality when ensuring the accuracy of a solder.

The Sealody digital station also qualifies as one of the best stations for being easy-to-use, professionally designed, and highly efficient soldering station. Employing a dual-safety design, Sealody protects the solder from potential burns by maintaining the iron at a distant angle, as well as the environment in which soldering is conducted. The 55-watt iron takes some time before heating up and efficiently switches to the standby mode within three minutes when left idle.

Vastar Full Set Soldering Iron Kit

Ranked at number 15 among the best  available in the market today, the Vastar full-set soldering iron is the lowest priced in the list, yet competitively superior to many other soldering irons available in the market. The 60-watt soldering kit however lacks a soldering station, again being the unique iron among those reviewed in this list. The lack of a sturdy and firm framework also threatens the sense of safety and accuracy for beginners.

Vastar Full Set Soldering Iron Kit

Vastar nonetheless offers an adjustable model with multiple soldering tip sizes. The level of heat generated by its soldering iron reaches a high of more than of 480° C, outperforming even the grandest heavy-duty irons ranked higher in this list. This feature is commendable, given that Vastar is most suitable for infrequent, short, and low-wattage soldering projects within a residential setting. Further, Vastar accessories are widely available for a very affordable price. Today, the accessories are available by far than any other soldering iron within and without the present ranking.

Made from 60% tin and 40% lead seamed with a rosin core, Vastar is a high performer and among the best alternatives available in the market today. The package incorporates a cleansing sponge, a basic stand, tweezers, solder, a pump, and a basic Y-shaped stand. Attaining the highest maximum heat however takes time to build up.

Despite having such an impressive heat output, however, Vastar lacks a reliable temperature control mechanism. The adjustment wheel on the iron is frequently inaccurate, often understating the actual temperature of the iron. Even more worrying is that the control knob has very few temperature settings and thus offering minimal options when controlling temperature during electrical soldering. The iron has also been negatively reviewed for having a non-protected though comfortable handle, which easily warms up when the iron is continuously used. At 110 volt and 60 watt, Vastar has a relatively poor design compared to the afore-ranked irons, which further worsens the temperature control system.

Selection Criteria for the Best Soldering Station

Background of Purpose-Driven Selection of a Soldering Station

This brief section of the guideline will reflect on why you should be careful when choosing a specific soldering station. At the heart of the discussion will be how and why you select the best station. Before you consider how to select a soldering station, however, you must first consider its potential role and necessity. Why would you ever need a soldering station? Do you need a soldering station at all? How would you use a soldering station if you purchased one? In other words, for what purpose would you need the station?

A  station can only serve a singular purpose for any solder. All it can ever help you do is to solder. Nonetheless, like many electronic and mechanical devices today, recent developments, as evident in the list reviewed above, soldering systems have added several other functionalities. These additions include a hot air gun for reworking, a power supply, and a meter tester. For the present discussion, the guideline will focus on the best and most suitable station primarily serving a solder’s objective.

While at home or at work, there are those times when the soldering station would be a valuable aid. Such times include:

  • When cutting plastic into smaller pieces with specific shapes and sizes
  • When attaching or changing resistors and transistors to electronics’ circuit boards
  • and resistors attached to them and soldering is used for this
  • When crafting pendants that merge assorted making materials
  • When you want to cut a glass bottle or container with accuracy and minimal damage
  • When burning a print or symbol to wooden items as an imprint
  • When repairing electronics, circuit boards and their networked connections
  • When working on, refining, attaching, or shaping jewelry
  • When repairing or merging stained window glass
  • When cutting, shaping, or repairing clay components or items
  • When you want to emboss or imprint a design on a leather fabric
  • When airbrushing and you need to drill through stencils

How many times in your daily life do you ever need to do any or several of these soldering projects? How good would, you feel if you could execute all these soldering projects and more, with precision, accuracy, and near-professional mastery? These Do-It-Yourself tasks are only some of the assorted ways you can use a soldering station. You agree that a soldering station is a necessity in your life. Without question, therefore, you need not just an iron, but also a reliable and best quality product.

Now the second question you ask should then be how to choose the best soldering station from the hundreds available in the market today. The quality of the station you choose will not only reflect in, but also determine the quality of your work. Not all kits can complete these soldering projects equally. Some will be utter disappointments, and a waste of both your money and time. It is therefore important to strategic select what you buy whether you are a beginner and of an expert solder.

5-Point Selection Criterion for the Best Soldering Station

The best soldering station can and should be qualified as such, based on its functionality, value, and operational effectiveness. You can get a cheap soldering iron, but that alone does not qualify it to be among the best. If the price is low but the iron sacrifices on the efficient functionality, then it cannot be termed as the best. The value of the best station can only be determined by how well it serves the primary purpose for which it is intended.

As such, an affordable price cannot on its own justify a good iron as competitive, without considering the level of effectiveness achieved by the solder, and the quality functioning. The same argument holds true for soldering kits today, when alternative brands are in their thousands. The value of a soldering iron is not just determined by the price, but also the number of features provided from the perspective of a solder.

We used a 5-point criterion to qualify and rank the best 15 soldering kits available today, as reviewed above. Captivating value for money in a soldering iron mandates you to consider its usability, safety, quality of work, and durability simultaneously. The 5-point selection criterion we used highlights the 5 key characteristics of a good soldering station, upon which your choice of the best should be based. We recommend this criterion any time you are selecting a soldering station. Only then can you be sure that you will not regret the money invested, when you are actually using it. The 5-point selection criterion includes:

Consider the Make and Efficiency of the Soldering Iron or Gun

The primary tool in electrical soldering is the soldering iron. The gun on the other hand is the primary essential when reworking. The operational efficiency, quality of delivery, durability, sustainability, and level or reliability for accuracy an iron or gun attains is the primary concern a solder cares about. For instance, efficiency, accuracy, and precision are critical when repairing a circuit board. As such, consider such critical considerations include:

  • Material of make with their respective advantages and shortcomings
  • Speed of heating and requisite amount of energy
  • Type of iron or gun used
  • Energy efficiency in both temperature potential and retention
  • Usability and application from the perspective of a solder
  • Consider the Potential of the Main Station Unit

At the heart of a soldering unit is the configuration for processing all operations (the microprocessor). Whether a processing chip or otherwise, the best of modern soldering iron station have been computerized. How well this unit executes all operations, manages temperature, and engages the essential soldering processes, at the end of the day, determines how well the station works. Key concerns centered on the main unit of the best station include:

  • Reliability in gathering comprehensive data for analysis and resultant response
  • Speed of data processing system
  • Accuracy of process controls such as temperature control
  • Available functionality modes ranging from stand by to active
  • Potential for error prevention
  • Reponses to accidental occurrences
  • Prevention and address of safety concerns
  • Determine Adequacy of Wattage

The best of modern soldering irons now come with a rated wattage. You should therefore pay keen attention to the wattage of the station you buy. Always consider how the wattage is likely to influence the station’s usability and function. While doing so, remember that:

  • The wattage of a soldering station represents the amount of time the soldering iron can sustain its heat, and the highest possible heat potential
  • Rarely will you need a high wattage station for infrequent and hobbyist soldering projects
  • The low wattage soldering systems often meet the needs for most soldering projects, and save on the energy consumed encourse
  • High wattage station of the device are extremely essential for the heavy-duty tasks
  • The best low wattage station will underperform in a heavy-duty task
  • Availability and Access to Additional Accessories and Spare Parts

After using a soldering station for a while, it will need repair, servicing, and replacement of worn-out parts. Further, the station will need additional accessories, including the soldering stands, hot air guns and the soldering irons. The best station available today must have an equally accessible set of accessories and spare parts.

Always consider how conveniently you can find such spare parts and accessories for the brand you purchase. Even if you buy a highly ranked soldering iron station, its functional advantages may not hold for long. The benefits will therefore quickly become regrettable if you cannot access or find requisite accessories a few months after the purchase.

Money-Based Valuation

Finally, after reviewing all the foregoing points, you will possibly have determined what the best soldering station should necessarily have to serve the needs of a solder. Before you make the decision however, your last consideration should be on the pricing. You should ensure that you purchase the soldering kit that best serves your needs, at the most competitive price. What is the need of buying an expensive soldering iron to do what a cheaper version of the iron can do as perfectly?

When two soldering systems provide similar operational features, and they have similar quality standards, then you should buy the cheapest between the two. Take care nonetheless, that the price of an iron is not the only factor you base your decision on. The price should not influence you to sacrifice the quality of the station you buy. The buying maxim should be to pay the lowest price possible, for the best product available. Always remember that your choice of a good kit should specifically be determined by an iron’s ability to suffice your needs and preferences at optimal effectiveness, quality, and reliability.


To conclude the guideline on highly ranked soldering iron kit available in the market today, it is also important to highlight the most essential points for you as the solder/user. It is clear that, following from the discussion, qualifying the best soldering iron incorporates a consideration of its rating, performance, strength-weakness balance, and functionality. The guideline highlighted the key features you should use when selecting the best soldering iron kit to serve your needs and preferences. The most detailed and the largest part of the guideline was a profile of the 15 best kit available in the market today.

Each of these 15 irons was selected based on its features, usability, durability, accessories, and potential. The review integrated tested and verified evaluations by experts, customer reviews, and product ratings from the perspective of a solder. The list was ranked based on the progressive rating each station has earned within the market context. The top ten soldering irons reviewed and selected, in order of their ratings, included, Weller WLC100, Zeny 2-in-1 SMD, X-Tronic Model 3020-XTS, Hakko FX888D-23BY Weller WES51 Analog, Zeny 3-in-1 SMD, Weller WESD51 Digital, X-Tronic Model 5040-XTS, Aoyue 9378, and Kendal 853D.

When choosing any of the 15 soldering systems in the list, you must always consider why each is the best  alongside its alternatives. Based on your needs and preferences, and considering the potential role and degree of necessity, such a selection should ascribe to the 5-point criterion given. Only then can an iron qualify in the ranking as the best. Always consider the make and efficiency of the soldering iron or gun, the potential of its main unit, adequacy of its wattage, availability of additional accessories and spare parts, as well as the money-based valuation from the perspective of a solder.