10 Best Soldering Irons in 2017: How To Pick Best to Buy

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A soldering iron is composed of an insulated handle and a heated metal tip. Heating is achieved electrically through a resistive heating element. You may know about cordless irons that can be heated by the gas combustion. Normally, soldering irons are used for limited production work, repairs, and installation of the electronics assembly. The high volume production lines utilize other soldering techniques.

10 Best Soldering Irons in 2017

Weller WLC100 Soldering Iron

There are numerous soldering irons in the market, but a lot of them are hard to use because their body is hard to grip. The Weller WLC100 is designed to be pretty lightweight and easier to grip. This soldering iron has an indicator light with a switch to turn the power off and on. The iron has the capability to change the rating power depending on the requirement from 5W to 40W. The foam grip is cushioned and contains a replaceable heating part. The uniqueness of WLC100 soldering iron is its copper plated metal tip and properties of conductivity with iron along with a holder for safety.

  • Convenient and handy
  • Lightweight
  • Easier to grip
  • Expensive

Aoyue 469 Variable Power Soldering Iron

It is a soldering iron that has the capability to change the power utilization. The tip of the rogue 469 variable power iron can be changed and replaced depending on the operation. It has a rating with a sixty-watt power margin. With fifty different tips sizes, the soldering iron has PTC pieces which ensure quickly heating the iron rods to the desired temperature, and the temperature is effectively controllable. This soldering iron has the capability to reach different temperatures in the range 3920F-8970F.

The important features of this soldering iron include:

  • Style Standard
  • Temperature range 200-480° C
  • Accurate temperature control and PTC element for fast heat up
  • 60W power margin
  • Over 50 different tips sizes
  • Accurate temperature control
  • Not Durable

Hakko FX888D Digital Soldering Station

Hakko FX888D digital station is designed with modern technology and the equipment of this soldering iron with a digital meter to elaborate the correct temperature of the soldering station. The iron can be turned off or on with a button click, and the soldering iron has a power code which makes it effective to reach the place to be soldered effectively. The gripping part of the station is comfortable and easier to grip because of the ergonomic design. You can conveniently use this lightweight product.

  • Easy to use
  • Durable
  • Comfortable to grip
  • A bit expensive

Vastar 60W 110V Soldering Iron Kit

Vastar 60W 110V Soldering Iron Kit is a complete kit of the soldering tools designed with new technology and excellent efficiency in heat dissipation. The body of this soldering iron follows the steel pipe format which raises the effectiveness of the operations. This iron heats up faster than many other irons, and it has the 60W power rating. The range of temperature is between 2000C-4500C to ensure safety and quality. Additionally, the kit provides you with a pump to de-solder and five various soldering tips.

The features of this product may include:

  • Color Blue
  • Better heat dissipation efficiency
  • Work great and heat up fast
  • Faster
  • Five different soldering tips
  • Complete kit of the soldering tools
  • Designed with new technology
  • Non-Durable

Tabigar Welding Soldering Iron

The uniqueness of the Tabigar Welding Soldering Iron lies in its beautiful appearance. You can conveniently use this beautiful product because it easy to grip and use due to its best shape. You may agree with me that the price of this product is affordable, and can be the use for multiple purposes. The power of soldering iron gun is rated with 60W. This iron included six different tips, and tips are also changeable. The design of this iron is proven to dissipate heat more effectively, and the ventilation creates the pretty fast cooling of soldering iron.

The features of this iron may include:

  • Kit comes with carrying case, soldering sucker, five solder tips, stand with cleaning sponge, making your soldering more comfortable and easy
  • Better heat dissipation efficiency
  • 60 watts and upgrade PCA
  • The item is good for electric repair
  • Making your soldering more comfortable and easy
  • The cooling of soldering iron pretty fast
  • Affordable prices
  • Not able to melt metal onto the hood

Sywon Full set 110V Electric Soldering Iron

This iron has the capability to adjust the temperature of the soldering iron as you prefer. It has a temperature range between 2000C-4500C. It has an inner insulation designed with ceramic technology which makes Soldering Iron gets heat up faster. The body of this iron is created by heat resistant material to raise the safety of the operator. The designed ventilation holes make the soldering iron cool faster. It includes two anti-static tweezers. The iron comes with six different tooltips that help you in the different joining procedures.

The list of features that this product includes:

  • Works at adjustable temperatures
  • 6pcs of double-sided tools
  • Inner-heated ceramic technology
  • Works at adjustable temperatures
  • 6pcs of double-sided tools
  • Inner-heated ceramic technology
  • Heats up faster
  • Includes two anti-static tweezers
  • Six different tool tips

Stahl Tools SSVT Soldering Iron

The soldering iron is a simple effectively designed iron which can easily turn off or on with a switch. It also has an indicator light that will help you to notify the right time to utilize the iron. The temperature of the iron is adjustable, and you can vary the range between 3020F – 8420F. You can set the temperature of soldering iron depending on the quality of the connection and according to the need. This soldering iron is certified and standardized with ETL to ensure the optimum safety and proper performance. The tip of the iron is replaceable.

The features include:

  • ETL certified for performance and safety
  • On/off switch
  • Replaceable tips
  • Comfortable to use
  • Easy to grip
  • Do not use any acid-base products with this iron

X-Tronic Digital LED Display Soldering Station

The design of the grip of this soldering iron is such that you can hold with convenience and comfort. This soldering iron has the power utilization of the 75W. It can heat up to 3920F – 8960F range of temperature. One of the most important things is its LED display with an automatic sleep timer and C/F function. The temperature of the iron is very stable. It has repair warranty of one-year with the purchase.

The important features include:

  • 75W iron with ergonomic grip
  • Includes a solder roll holder, stainless iron holder, cleaning flux and brass sponge tip cleaner
  • Temperature stability
  • One year warranty
  • convenience and comfort to grip
  • One year warranty
  • Not possible to reverse the sides of the iron holder

F2C SMD Welding Soldering Iron

This soldering iron is appropriate for the workstation with a hot air gun. The quality of this iron is very good and comfortable to use. The chip control ensures a true lead-free soldering procedure. The F2C SMD is suitable for precise soldering like as mobile phone and can be utilized to desolder SMD, CHIP, BGA, and SOIC, etc. The cooling down procedure is accurate, and the temperature control is pretty stable for the reason of the modern PID program technology.

The features may include:

  • Suitable for adhesive removal, paint drying, and heating shrink
  • Quick warming-up and SAMSUNG microcomputer control
  • Iron is anti-static design
  • Appropriate for workstation
  • Comfortable to use
  • Works for just 110v

Zeny SMD Hot Air Rework Soldering Iron

Zeny soldering iron has soft air technology which ensures the operations stability. It is equipped with two LED displays that elaborate the precise and accurate temperatures of the irons. Zeny soldering iron makes sure the warming and cooling procedures accurate and quick.

The features of this soldering iron include:

  • SAMSUNG microcomputer control
  • Dual LED digital displays
  • Space saving design and extremely low noise
  • Quick warm
  • Dual LED digital displays
  • Heavy metal body


Soldering iron plays a significant role in the field of soldering. There are numerous best soldering irons in the market. Weller WLC100, Aoyue 469, Hakko FX888D, Tabigar Welding, X-Tronic Digital LED Display and F2C SMD Welding are some best soldering irons.